Quality & innovation

Quality & innovation

Quality for everything, everything for quality

You only become a market leader by constantly providing the best quality, day after day. We do this through a combination of state-of-the-art machines and the best trained people, which together ensure that we follow all GMPs right down to the last detail. It is only in this way that the safety, freshness and quality of your products are always and completely guaranteed. Our employees undergo constant training. They work with modern equipment that gives them full control over the storage, processing and packaging process for your products.

Our drive for perfection is also reflected in a series of quality certificates.



You cannot achieve operational excellence without effort. At Sivafrost, we are continually innovating with new machines and by automatizing processes. For instance, our employees work on what really matters, namely providing added value throughout the entire chain of your product, which is better for everyone.

Sustainable at heart

At Sivafrost, we think like a high-growth company over the long term. Sustainability forms a crucial part of our overarching strategy. We use the wind and solar energy that we generate ourselves with the utmost care. In this way, we also pursue a successful energy-saving policy.
Furthermore, we contribute to the guaranteed energy supply in Belgium by following the load shedding plan that was agreed with the network operator.

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