Spectacular rescue exercise by the fire brigade at high altitude at Sivafrost!

On the 10th of October the fire brigade East has performed an unexpected rescue operation in Sivafrost’ s highbay under construction.

A person with back problems lies on top of a +40 meters building. Reason why the climbing team of the fire brigade was called in. This team comes into action about 3 or 4 times a year in order to keep their skills up to date. However it was the first time they climbed a rack construction of more than 40 meters.

After following extensive safety procedures with lots of ropes, the patient was put on a stretcher. A member of the climbing team descended the 40 m high building along with the victim. Everything went perfect and everyone reached the ground safely. Operation successful!

Sivafrost likes to cooperate with the fire brigade East, in order to maintain optimum safety for our company and employees. The cold environment and the height of the buildings lead us to do a safety exercise along with the fire brigade, every two years on how to effectively solve a problem should it present itself.

“It was a special experience, very pleasant and I was not scared” said our employee Arnold Peeters. The willing victim is a reach truck driver and has been with Sivafrost for more than 6 years. Very well done Arnold!